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Pixy Stix - 1 oz bag - box of 12

Pixy Stix - 1 oz bag - box of 12

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Product Details

Pixy Stix are candy powder filled straws in 4 flavors which are blue raspberry, cherry, grape and orange. A bag contains about 14 pieces.
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Additional Information


Penn Dutch

Candy Memories

Surprisingly, I discovered pixy stix about a year ago, at, of all things, a Harry Potter fanfiction community. I was writing humorous spoofs and parodies, and finally joined Project Ferret which was a collaborative ff site. Chatting, one night, we discussed various methods of inspiration.
Somebody said: pixy stix. Soon, everybody was raving about how great pixy stix were to snarf while writing, for an energy and inspiration boost. Timidly, I admitted that I had no idea what a pixy stix was. I was bombarded with explanations seconds later. I had to try them, and, yes, I snarf them while writing, being careful not to spill any on my keyboard. I owe the completion of half my stories (fan fic or otherwise) to pixy stix snarfdom.Another memory I have, now, is when my brother decided he could snitch my pixy stix without me noticing. I noticed, but said nothing, using the opportunity to sneak into his room and snitch his Twix. Cecilia from Massachusetts

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