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Fizzies Drink Tablets - Orange - 12 tablet pack - box of 6

Fizzies Drink Tablets - Orange - 12 tablet pack - box of 6

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Product Details

Orange Fizzies, all the fun and flavor of the original Fizzies Drink Tablets is back. Now with NO sugar and 100% of the recommended daily supply of Vitamin C.
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Candy Memories

I remember when I discovered Fizzies and thought I had found the ultimate in candy. It was the early 60's and I was 12. I was amazed how you could just pop a small flavored disk into water and all of a sudden a sweet drink appeared before your eyes. To me it had to be magic. My dad would take me to the store and with my 50 cents allowance I would buy as much as I could to share with my sisters and friends. We all would giggle with anticipation waiting for the water to turn into a sweet and delicious drink.
My dad was sent to Vietnam and I insisted that we send him some Fizzies in his care package, even though my mom was not quite sure about the appropriateness. She brought me to the store though, I bought some with my allowance and lovingly packed them in the box. To this day he still says that it was the Fizzies which brought him home safely as he knew there was someone special he had to come home to. Laurie from MS

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