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Almond Joy candy bar
  • Almond Joy candy bar
  • Almond Joy candy bar

Almond Joy - 1.61 oz bar - box of 36

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Product Details

Almond Joy is a coconut candy bar covered in milk chocolate with 2 large almonds on top.
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Candy Memories

Before my granny died in February, we had a tradition. A secret tradition, but we loved it. Since she was a seamstress, we made frequent trips to the fabric store after school. She'd grab her purse off of her bed and tell all of her grandchildren to get down on all fours and look for her shoes under the sofa. When we were all packed up and ready to go, she'd decide who to take, grandsons or granddaughters. (We couldn't go together because of our constant fighting.) After we spent at least 30 minutes in the fabric store without buying a thing, her adopted daughter (one year younger than me) would ÔæìtrickÔæî her into taking us to the gas station for freezies and candy bars. She'd hand us $20.00 and tell us to bring back 3 drinks and some change.
We'd run in, unsure of what to choose for ourselves but we knew what she wanted: a blue freezie and an Almond Joy. Although there were three of us, we'd only get two candy bars. One Almond Joy for me and granny to share and one for her daughter. Conveniently, the Almond Joy is already split into halves to I didn't have to worry about giving her the Ôæìbigger halfÔæî. We'd nibble around the almond saving just the nut itself and its chocolaty covering. Then, MUNCH! We' go both nuts at the same time. Those are some of the best memories I have of her. Ashante from Georgia

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