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Butterscotch Disks by Brach's - Bulk

Butterscotch Disks by Brach's - Bulk

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Butterscotch Disks by Brach's - 1 piece
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Butterscotch Disks by Brach's - 2 lb bulk bags (145 ct)
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Butterscotch Disks by Brach's - 5 lb bulk bags (360 ct)
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Butterscotch Disks by Brach's - 20.3 lb bulk case (1470 ct)
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Product Details

Butterscotch Disks are individually wrapped butterscotch hard candies made by Brach's. Bulk candy counts are approximated.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship next business day.

Additional Information

Nutritional Information:

Corn Syrup, Sugar, Salt, Artificial Flavor, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40.


Manufactured in a facility where milk, peanuts, and soy are used in the production of other products.


Bulk Brach's Butterscotch Disks

Candy Memories

One of the cutest things I remember about my first child happened when she was just a toddler and it involved Butterscotch Disks. I think she must have been 18 months old or so, and I was busy potty training her. I would give her a "treat" when she was a big girl and used the potty. She must have made note of where I kept the Butterscotch Disks because she snuck into them and popped one in her mouth when I wasn't looking one day. Of course, there was the tell-tale lump in her cheek too. I asked her, "Sarah, did you get into the candy without asking?" She looked up innocently with her little hands hidden behind her back and shook her head no. But, at the same time, she told the truth and said YES. I scolded her and told her that it was not nice to sneak around, that she should ask first, then I put them out of her reach. The next time she needed to "go potty," I was pulling down her panties to set her on the potty chair and found the yellow wrapper stuck in the back of her panties. I just had to laugh. I'm pretty sure it remains her favortie candy to this day. At least she always has some in her candy dish when I visit! From Crystal in West Virginia

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