Chiclets - 2-piece box - 1 box
  • Chiclets - 2-piece box - 1 box
  • Chiclets - 2-piece box - 1 box

Chiclets - 2-piece box - 1 box

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Product Details

Chiclets... the original candy coated gum. These are the small boxes with 2 pieces in each one. The green boxes are spearmint and the yellow boxes are peppermint.
We are often asked if these small boxes will fit into the old gum machines. The feedback we get is that they do NOT fit. The box measures 1.5 by 13/16 by 5/16 inches
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Additional Information


Mondelez Global

Candy Memories

We used to live in Monroe, CT. and there was a lot of farms there. One day we went to the local grocery store, Big Y and bought some Chiclets from the little machine. When we were driving back home my mom decided to stop by and see one of her friends. Her friend lived next door to one of the farms. And I noticed some chickens, so joking around my sister told me to give them some Chiclets. So I did being that I was only 6. And then the chicken's beak got stuck together. I got in so much trouble! John form Florida

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Isobel Bilyk


Sweet Tooth

I put these into my Retro Candy gift bag at a 65th birthday reunion for 8 of my grade one classmates. What a hit! Guests remembered when these little boxes cost a penny in their childhood. They taste just as good as they did when I was a kid.


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