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Bubble Tape Original Flavor - 6 foot - 1 tape

Bubble Tape Original Flavor - 6 foot - 1 tape

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Product Details

Bubble Tape is 6 feet of Hubba Bubba bubble gum in a plastic dispenser.
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Candy Memories

Bubble Tape gum was the coolest gum. It was so cool that you could buy gum in a container and dispense it like tape. When we were kids we would get Bubble Tape gum and we would chew the whole thing in one day. Although it was easy to chew it all yourself because it was so much fun all the neighborhood kids would want some. I would always get a long piece for my self I would always try and dispense the smallest amount I could for my brother because I wanted it all. There is no gum as cool as Bubble Tape and now my kids absolutely love it too. Richard from Indiana

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