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Bubble Gum Cigarettes
Bubble Gum Cigarettes

A pack of Bubble Gum Cigarettes has 8 bubble gum sticks wrapped in paper. When you blow on them, powder comes out looking like smoke (you knew that).
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Bubble Gum Cigarettes - 1 pack
Bubble Gum Cigarettes - 1 pack
Bubble Gum Cigarettes - box of 24 packs
Bubble Gum Cigarettes - box of 24 packs
When I was a kid, I bought a pack of bubblegum cigarettes and brought it home to show my mom. I walked though the door with one in my mouth and my mom screamed. She thought that I was smoking a real cigarette. I would have screamed too because at the time I was only 6. She snatched it out of my mouth.
She then realized it was fake. I had to explain that it was indeed gum. I laughed at her the rest of the night. We still bring that story up at family gatherings. Seeing this website really reminded me of my childhood. ~ Emily from Mississippi

When I was young my family would visit my grandparents on the weekends. We didn't eat a lot of candy or gum as kids but when we went to our grandparents house they would have some special treat for us. I'll never forget the bubble gum cigarettes because they were kind of naughty but really good! Those bubble gum cigarettes will always hold a special place in my heart full of fond memories.

So after finding this website the first thing that I did was look to see if those bubble gum cigarettes were still available, and they are! Thanks for keeping that special memory strong. ~ Margaret from California

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