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Cinnamon Bear - individually wrapped - 1 piece

Cinnamon Bear - individually wrapped - 1 piece

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Cinnamon Bears are chewy hot cinnamon candies in the shape of a small bear that is roughly 1.75 inches tall.
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Sweet's Candy

Candy Memories

Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my grandparent's house, mostly because I had time alone with them-without my sister or brother around! My grandfather still was traveling for work at that time and I would always make sure to be at their house when he would come home.
He always brought home a bag of candy from the airport. I would dump the bag into a dish and immediately dig out all of the cinnamon bears. I would hide somewhere in the house for the next hour until all of those bears were gone. And I never did share with my siblings! Molly from New Jersey

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Kim


Cinnamon Bear

There was a penny candy store that we walked to as children. One of the regular candies were the cinnamon bears, and a must have (at 3 for a penny-what a deal). I haven't had these until recently ordering from Old Time Candy, and they are just as delicious as they were 50 years ago.


Ratings & Reviews

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