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Miss This? Try This: Red Hot Dollars

They may not have been worth much on Wall Street, but Red Hot Dollars, or Red Raspberry Dollars, were a tasty treat. First minted in 1925, this eye catching currency began as a soft raspberry chew. This might come as a surprise since its name includes “Hot,” which we typically associate with cinnamon and spicy. But back in the 1920’s, the phrase “Red Hot” was used to describe popular and trendy things. Pretty clever, huh?

It was, until people started becoming confused about what flavor Red Hot Dollars actually were. In the 1970’s they started putting “raspberry flavor” on their packaging. But that wasn’t enough. The Heide brand, now owned by Farley’s and Sathers, decided to change the flavor completely to fit the name. There were then cinnamon-flavored Red Hot Dollars and Red Raspberry Dollars, which were the same raspberry flavor as the old Red Hot Dollars. They even made a spin off flavor, Black Licorice. Unfortunately, all were discontinued around 2009.

So what should you get to fill you original Red Hot Dollar needs? Try Juju Coins. They have a cherry flavor instead of the traditional raspberry but the shape and feel of them are the same. We have high hopes that the dollars will make a comeback. Especially since Farley’s and Sathers have joined the larger Ferrara Candy Company. Until then, it looks like our mouths will be enjoying a new cherry currency.

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source http://www.collectingcandy.com/wordpress/?p=9308

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  1. Red hot dollars is/was my favorite candy. If they ever come back, could you please email me as we’re I can get them. Thank you

  2. I remember going to the store as a kid and taking the scoop and digging in that plastic container and filling up the small brown paper bag. These were my favorite candies as a child. I would bet my parents for 50 cents and go down and get 50 red hot dollars and eat them immediately. It’s amazing these used to be 1 cent a piece and now they sell the knock offs for a LOT of money and they aren’t even as good as the originals.

  3. Hard to believe something so good and popular as the red raspberry dollars were /are discontinued now. Just doesn’t seem like a good business decision. I do really miss them.

  4. Red hot dollars, Butternut and Hollywood candy bars and let’s not forget the kits oh my I miss them, I noticed that the kits no longer have the peanut flavor its been replaced with vanilla, but by far the red hot dollars were my all time favorite, but I will give the coins a try.

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