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Spring Flings And Easter Things

Posted by KS on 4/15/2014 to Easter

Almost 1 in every 5 kids will tell you that they've made themselves sick eating too much candy on Easter. I guess that means Iíll just have to eat the candy from my kidsí baskets so they donít get sick! With so many different choices for Easter candy, here are some fun facts about your favorite candies and traditions both new and old.

There are roughly 5.5 million PEEPS born each day. When Sam Born first made PEEPS, the manufacturing process took about 27 hours from start to finish by hand, using a pastry bag. After Samís son Bob joined the company in 1946, he helped to mechanize the manufacturing process. It now takes about 6 minutes. The still family-owned business makes PEEPS in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 24 hours day, 5 days a week.

Everyone loves the thrill of the hunt! Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in Winter Haven Florida holds the Guinness Book World Record for the largest Easter Egg Hunt. On April 1, 2007 they hid 501,000 eggs. Most were filled with candy and toys, some local businesses donated some prizes. One egg even held a 2 year scholarship to their local community college. The hunt only took about an hour; sign me up for the next one!

In 2012, Americans spent about$1.9 billion on Easter candy. Coming in at 2nd place for the most popular candy buying holiday. The first place winner is Halloween at $2 billion. Now thatís a lot of jelly beans!

Jelly Belly is the most popular brand of jelly beans. Cherry has been named the kidsí favorite. The first 8 flavors were Root Beer, Green Apple, Licorice, Cream Soda, Lemon, Tangerine, Very Cherry, and Grape. During the presidency of Ronald Reagan, Jelly Belly beans were served in the Oval Office and on Air Force One. A holder was designed for the plane so the jar of Jelly Belly beans would not spill during turbulence.

There are about 90 million chocolate bunnies made each year. Solid bunnies are the most popular followed by hollow chocolate bunnies, and then by marshmallow filled. 89% of consumers start with the ears, 6% jump in feet first and the other 5% go with the tail first... 

At our house, we always dyed eggs a few days before Easter, but why eggs? Researchers trace the history back and found that eggs were a pagan symbol representing re-birth and fertility. The shape also ties eggs to the shape of the stone blocking the Sepulcher which was rolled away during the Christian resurrection. Hard boiled eggs may be the most popular for Easter; they are closely followed by both chocolate eggs and plastic filled eggs. 

Everyone here at OldTimeCandy.com wishes all of our fans and loyal customers a very Happy Easter, full of family and love.  Now we have to go finish filling our eggs.

Hopefully the kids find them all! Enjoy everyone!

Ronald Smith Date 6/22/2014
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†Spring Flings And Easter Things
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