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Bit-O-Honey - 1.7 oz bar - box of 24 bars

Bit-O-Honey - 1.7 oz bar - box of 24 bars

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Product Details

Bit-O-Honey is a chewy candy with almond bits blended into a honey flavored taffy. Each bar has 6 pieces.
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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

When I was in Mrs. Rice's fourth grade class, at Hyattsville, MD elementary school, back in 1930, I would get a nickel a week allowance. A nickel was hard to come by, during those depression days and I would save this big allowance, only to buy one thing, a BIT-O-HONEY CANDY BAR!!! The reason, BIT-O-HONEY CANDY BAR came in six sections, individually wrapped so I could save one section of this most delicious candy bar, to be consumed each day for the rest of the school week. Even today, seventy-five years later, I still look-for, buy and enjoy this chewy, almond flavor candy bar on a continuing basis. Great Grand Dad Milo from Maryland

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: DEE GARRETT


Bit O Honey

Yum, yum, yum! I shared some of my Bit-o-Honey order with several of my co-workers (youngsters who have never heard of this delicious candy) and they were absolutely hooked and wanted to know where to buy it; unfortunately, Bit-o-Honey is very difficult to find and it was through surfing the web that I lucked out on finding this website. Needless to say, the candy is all gone and I need to reorder as soon as possible! Excellent quality and so very good!


Ratings & Reviews

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