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BB Bats Strawberry Taffy Suckers - Bulk

BB Bats Strawberry Taffy Suckers - Bulk

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BB Bats - Strawberry - 5 lb bulk bag (185 ct)
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BB Bats - Strawberry - 2 lb bulk bag (75 ct)
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BB Bats - Strawberry - 1 piece
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BB Bats - Strawberry - 22.2 lb bulk case (840 ct)
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Product Details

Old fashioned strawberry taffy pops first produced in the 1920's that are roughly 2.5 long by 7/8 of an inch wide.
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Candy Memories

Wow! You actually have BB Bats! I can't believe it! I remember these as a special treat when I was a kid--mostly when we visited my aunt and cousins. I don't know if they had a constant supply, but it seemed like the only time I remember having the BB Bats is when we were at my cousins' house. I remember trying strawberry, chocolate, and banana--I don't know that I ever tried the molasses peanut butter. I think my favorite was the strawberry, although the other flavors were close runners-up. Thanks for bringing back the memories! ~ Rebecca from New York

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