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Baby Ruth
Baby Ruth Candy BarBaby Ruth is a candy bar bursting with peanuts, rich caramel and chewy nougat.
Baby Ruth history
No... they are not named after the famous baseball player. While there is some disagreement, the commonly accepted story is that they are named in honor of a daughter of President Grover Cleveland. [more below]
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Baby Ruth - 2.1 oz bar
Baby Ruth - 2.1 oz bar
Baby Ruth - 2.1 oz bar - box of 24
Baby Ruth - 2.1 oz bar - box of 24
Baby Ruth Mini Bars - 2.5 lb Plastic Tub
Baby Ruth Mini Bars - 2.5 lb Plastic Tub
[continued from above]
Ruth Cleveland was a favorite with the country when she was an infant. She was born in 1891 and the now famous candy bar was introduced in 1920 by the Curtiss Candy Company of Chicago.
Detractors claim that the company conveniently used the name to capitalize on the popularity of the other "Babe" who was at his baseball prime at the time. Snopes.com has a very interesting article on this subject if you want to know more about the controversy of Baby Ruth Candy Bars.

Baby Ruth chocolate bars, strange how a candy bar could bring back such wonderful memories. When I was just a kid my mother and I would go to visit my grandmother in the next town over, once a month. Every time I arrived there with my mom, my grandmother always had a Baby Ruth waiting for me. Not that seeing my grandmother wasn't a pleasure, but i always looked forward to that Baby Ruth bar especially.
My mother would not let me eat candy at home, she always claimed it would rot my teeth. My grandmother and I always kept it a secret because she knew mom wouldn't have let me have it. Before last month I hadn't had a Baby Ruth bar in about 30 years. But, in all that time, it still made me flash back to the precious memories of my visits to my grandmothers house. ~ Curt from Pennsylvania

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