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Anise Squares
Anise Squares

Anise Squares are hard candies with a licorice flavor wrapped in a burgundy cellophane wrapper.
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Anise Squares - 2 lb bulk bags
Anise Squares - 2 lb bulk bags
Anise Squares - 5 lb bulk bags
Anise Squares - 5 lb bulk bags
Anise Squares - 30 lb bulk case
Anise Squares - 30 lb bulk case
Anise squares were a special treat when we visited my grandparents' house in Buffalo, New York. We would spend the night at their house, almost every Saturday night.
As a special treat, my Grandfather would give my sister and me a nickel. We were allowed to walk 'around the block' by ourselves. On the other side of the block was a small corner store. Corner stores are not in evidence, and the ones that are still around do not exist as they were back then. (1950's, early 60's) I would almost shake with the excitement of being able to walk to the store on a sunny day and spend my nickel.
There was a counter full of penny candy to choose from. As young a child as I was, I always took the time to look over each of the candies available for purchase just in case a different one would catch my eye. But always, always, I would end up spending my nickel on anise squares. They were four for a penny so I would end up with a small bag with 20 of these treasures inside.
I would open one piece and such it slowly on my way back to my grandparents' house. Then I would hide my little bag of candy and make it last as long as possible because I never knew if I would have a nickel again the following weekend, or if that would not happen again for a number of weeks. They remain my favorite candy to this day - even more than chocolate! ~ Vicky from Mass.

When Grandpa gave up smoking his pipe, this candy took the tobacco's place in the container beside his chair. I used to love to take the lid off and stick my nose in that ceramic bowl and inhale the mysterious scent of these candies mingled with sweet pipe tobacco's leftover aroma.

It was an adult treat that I rarely tasted, but I crave that smell even forty years later. Even the red wrappers give a certain air of exotic mystery, and I hope they never change. ~Peggy from Minnesota

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